Program Manager (DFMS)

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General Information
4 Year Degree
At least 3 year(s)
Not Specified
Job Description

Program Manager (DFMS) - Wilmington Delaware

Our client is seeking a qualified Program Manager for a Direct Hire position in their Wilmington Delaware location.

**Please review the job description before applying.**

The duties and responsibilities for this position will include but may not be limited to: 

Assist planning each Support Broker’s weekly activities.

Consult each Support Brokers’ Monitoring Schedule and open referrals in Share Point.

Ensure the tasks per the Monitoring Schedule are appropriately prioritized and posted to the Share Point calendar.

Assist Support Brokers with time management, task prioritization, and optimizing travel strategies.

Review with each Support Broker the accomplishment of planned tasks.

Identify obstacles encountered;

Plan how to achieve original priorities;

Manage changing priorities; and

Reorganize the following week’s calendar as necessary.

Spend at least one day monthly with each Support Broker, during an “in-office" day, in which the Support Broker’s file management, Share Point data management (including proper updating of status of services, accurate assignment of start dates, cancellation of unnecessary workers’ compensation policies, editing of critical incident reports, etc...), and email and voice mail management are critically reviewed.

Identify unresolved delayed starts, unresolved pending terminations, communication gaps with MCOs’ Care Coordinators, delays in fraud discovery and reporting, referrals eligible for cancellation, and actively assist Support Broker in accelerating related resolution.

Accompany each Support Broker at least one day monthly on home and community visits (“field visits").

Observe Support Broker’s timeliness, compliance with dress code, use of technology software, overall presentation, orientation, and interviewing skills.

Document observations and provide constructive feedback via a standard “field visit assessment form."

Meet monthly with Program Director and present a written report reviewing the findings and outcomes for each Support Broker of:

In-office day reviews;

Field visits reviews;

Compliance with Quality Assurance timeline requirements for fraud report creation and resolution.

Strategize improvement plans with Program Director, as necessary.

Generate monthly reports on Support Broker compliance with contractual timeline requirements for enrollment:

Call referred participant within 2 days;

Visit referred participant within 5 days;

Enroll referred participant within 45 days.

Strategize improvements and make recommendations to Program Director.

Participate in all aspects of recruiting and interviewing candidates for program positions.

Act as DocuSign “verifier" for Quality Assurance review of enrollment files as delegated by the Program Director.

Assist the Program Director in DocuSign template design.

Make recommendations, test pilot templates, and offer suggested improvements as necessary.

Collaborate monthly with FMS Tax Accountant in audit of worker’s compensation (“WC") policies.

Identify any policy expenses for participants that generate no revenue;

Investigate causes

Instruct Support Brokers to cancel WC policies as applicable

Manage monthly utilization review process with Lead Support Brokers.

Review and approve the Lead Support Brokers’ utilization reports;

Alert Program Director to utilization concerns.

Assist Program Director, Director of Quality Assurance, and FMS Administrative Assistant with oversight of annual participant/consumer satisfaction survey regarding staff acquisition, timely mailings, and compilation of results.

As delegated by Program Director, represent agency/program at stakeholder and funder meetings, take notes, issue minutes, and offer recommendations.

Attend conferences as exhibitor, manage exhibition resources, and represent agency/program at exhibitor tables.

Assist Program Director and Director of Quality Assurance to develop and update all policies and procedures.

Provide training and coaching to all staff regarding program policies, procedures, and state and contractual requirements.

Assist Program Director in establishment of standard benchmarks for Support Broker evaluation.

Assist Program Director in the development, editing and updating of training manuals for Support Brokers, Lead Support Brokers and Administrative Assistant.

Collaborate with Administrative Assistant and Program Director to ensure timely and accurate issuance of information in response to “medical records" requests from the Managed Care Organizations.

Collaborate with the Director of Quality Assurance, Program Director and Support Brokers to ensure timely and accurate dissemination of file data to Investigators at the Delaware Department of Justice Medicaid Fraud Unit. Participate in interviews with Investigators as warranted. 

Lead staff meetings as directed by Program Director. Take and approve minutes.

Oversee the Wilmington and Newark post office boxes and other programmatic mail.

Job Requirements


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, Human Services Administration, Social Services, Business, or related field; or a Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field and 18 months of experience at a case management or management level involved with an FMS and/or participant-directed program.
  2. Must be a Delaware resident.
  3. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite applications, especially EXCEL and be familiar with Microsoft SharePoint and DocuSign software.
  4. Experienced troubleshooting with remote technology software and setups.
  5. Able to work alternatively in a home office environment, the Wilmington office, and the Philadelphia office, as requested.
  6. Possess reliable transportation.
  7. Able to drive for periods of up to 3 hours
  8. Able to lift, carry, push, and pull up to 20 pounds.
  9. Agreeable to a situational management philosophy of leadership.
  10. Able to encourage, evaluate, guide, and discipline staff whose abilities and experience range from highly experienced to fully inexperienced.
  11. Demonstrate superior critical thinking.
  12. Manage multiple/competing priorities effectively.
  13. Express oneself in speaking and writing succinctly, with clarity, and precision.
  14. Familiarity with general accounting, payroll and related tax issues, and other business areas.