Welder – Welding Technician (Industrial Manufacturing)

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General Information
$14.00 - $17.00 /Hour
High School
Not Specified
Job Description
Welder – Welding Technician (Industrial Manufacturing)
Job Responsibilities

As a Welder, the major responsibility of this position is to maintain Customer Satisfaction with all Customers effectively setting up and operating Welding Equipment as needed to maintain equipment utilization goals while following all required standards and procedures that apply to the Welding Areas, Notifying Supervision of any concerns in a timely manner.

Your specific duties in this role will include:
  • Maintain day to day production activities by performing setups and production rates as needed to maintain complete Customer Satisfaction, Product(s) must meet print and router requirements, both dimensionally and per listed times given on Part routers.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of all AS and ISO standards and procedures that are directly influenced by the Welding operations, ( ex. Clock in / Out on Jobs, Parts made to print, Department books maintained, Routers must be signed and dated in the appropriate areas for Punching. )
  • Maintain all aspects of our companies 5-S policies by working in and maintaining a well organized workstation, All equipment and surrounding areas will be cleaned and organized daily in efforts to eliminate the waste of production time including performing the required Preventive Maintenance on Equipment as specified in our PM program, PM Sheets must be turned in weekly for review.
  • Report Quality / Production related problem or issues to floor Supervisor in order to maintain an effective line of communication in efforts to eliminate negative impacts on our commitments to our Customers, Ex. Scrap, Rework, Behind Schedule, Machine or Equipment failures, ec… )
  • Strive to look for and identify ways to streamline workflow in your work area, suggestions for improvements are not only welcome, they are expected.
  • Maintain a positive and approachable attitude toward all Employees, creating and encouraging a quality mindset throughout the shop, Co Workers should feel that you have the Companies best interest in mind.
  • Accurately record production in the provided ERP system when beginning and completing jobs, ( ex. Start and Stop times, Scrap, material usage, qty., ec…. )   

  • Welder – Welding Technician (Industrial Manufacturing)
    Job RequirementsWe are looking for Welders with the expertise and professionalism to perform exceptionally well, and with minimal guidance in any given manufacturing situation. You must also display excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to interact effectively with colleagues and management at all levels of the organization.

    Specific qualifications for the role include:

    • High school diploma or GED; technical school, preferred
    • 1-2 years of related experience
    • Experience in one or more of these types of welding:
    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick welding)
    • Gas Metal Arc Welding (Mig)
    • Flux Cored Arc Welding
    • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Tig)
    • Welding certification, preferred
    • Ability to pass background check and drug screen

    Welder – Welding Technician (Industrial Manufacturing)
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