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General Information
$30.00 /Hour
High School
At least 5 year(s)
Job Description


  • Insulators for PTP Shutdown; One rotation, 04/10 - 05/10
  • The Insulator will fabricate, install and maintain various insulation systems such as foam, rigid foam, blanket or batt on pipes, vessels, valves machinery or electrical equipment
  • Performs fabrication or modification of prefabricated insulation kits for special purposes such as valves, pipefittings and rotating equipment
  • Fabricates or alters blankets, shaping or forming foam or cutting and forming sheet metal jackets to conform to drawings and specifications
  • Cuts, fits and installs insulation and the components of an insulation system such as lagging and banding
  • Will work in an environment where there is risk that they will be exposed to toxic, caustic and/or hazardous chemicals, fumes or airborne particles.

  • Job Requirements


    • High School Diploma or GED required
    • 5 years’ insulation experience.
    • North Slope experience preferred
    • Pt. Thomson experience preferred
    • Proficiency in the basic skills of cutting, fitting and installing insulation and the components of an insulation system such as lagging and banding
    • Basic knowledge and understanding of insulation materials, supports, moisture barriers and jackets commonly used to insulate pipe and equipment
    • Knowledge of the various methods used to install and repair insulation and the components of insulation systems
    • Ability to read and interpret the drawings and specifications as they pertain to insulation
    • Current knowledge of insulation and craftsman practices.
    • Local candidates preferred