$5,000 SIGN ON BONUS Mental Health Clinician - Psychologist - Licensed Social Worker

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Job Description

                                Mental Health Clinician - Psychologist - Licensed Social Worker

PrimeCare Medical is currently looking for a licensed Mental Health Clinician to work with a $5,000 SIGN ON BONUS in the medical department at the Western Regional Jail. In this role the Mental Health Clinician is responsible for the clinical monitoring, coordinating and implementing of the mental health program in accordance with NCCHC/ACA Standards and will serve as the mental health liaison between the medical unit and facility staff



  • Serve as the PrimeCare Medical (PCM) mental health liaison for psychiatric/ psychological services, outside the facility.

  • Provides input to facility Health Services Administrator regarding treatment response and progress reports on inmates/patients on a regularly scheduled basis.

  • Facilitates admission and placement of inmates/patients in forensic and community facilities.

  • Monitors all psychological clinical services provided. Monitors treatment response of inmates/patients and documents.

  • Ensures complete, accurate, and timely entries are made for each inmate/patient contact.

  • Assesses mental health status of inmates/patients who have been referred by a primary treatment provider and review with the psychiatrist/psychologist.

  • Monitors program to ensure that standards of care are in accordance with NCCHC and accepted psychiatric/ psychological standards. 

  • Application of standards form the basis for Quality Assurance criteria.

  • Is a member of the Quality Assurance Committee and sub-committee. 

  • Assists in the establishment of Quality Assurance standards and audit criteria.

  • Serves as a member of various committees within the medical unit and facility.

  • Develops and conducts in-service education programs according to annual in-service calendar.

  • Prepares monthly reports, which reflect performance.  Submits copy to facility Health Services Administrator.

  • Actively assist with the detection and prevention of inmate/patient suicide.

  •                                 Mental Health Clinician - Psychologist - Licensed Social Worker

    Job RequirementsQUALIFICATIONS:

    • Licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist preferred.

    • Must hold a Master’s degree or greater in Social Work, Psychology, or other related Human Services field with a concentration in mental health course work, training and/or experience.

    • Minimum of two years experience working in a mental health field.

    • Insured for required professional liability insurance in such amounts as required by state law, but no less than $1 million per occurrence

    • Experience working in a correctional facility a plus.

                                    Mental Health Clinician - Psychologist - Licensed Social Worker