Maintenance Specialist

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General Information
US-IN-North Terre Haute
High School
3 to 7 years
Job Description


Performs maintenance, troubleshooting, construction and repair service using hand tools and other equipment in order to keep production machinery and processes in safe and efficient operation.  Specific duties may vary from department to department. Functions also vary within the department based on the specific equipment or process involved.



To perform the job successfully, an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each of the essential functions and skills listed below. 


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Must be able to perform electrical troubleshooting consisting of 480v, PLC’s and controls.

Must be knowledgeable on hydraulic and pneumatic systems (valves, cylinders, controls, flow vs. pressure)

Must have basic computer skills

Must be competent in math to add, subtract, multiply, and divide measurements (whole numbers, fractions and decimals).

Ability to read and interpret blue prints, mechanical drawings and maintenance manuals.

Ability to work with hands and to work in mechanically oriented situations following supervisor’s instruction.

Aptitude to learn and retain new information. 

Ability to follow instructions, given either verbally or in writing.

Must be a self-starting individual.

Must be able to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner both individually and working effectively with a group.


Job Requirements


Process Standard

Employee must be able to use pneumatic tools, electrical tools, and hand tools of all types.

Employee must be able to operate various welding equipment and a cutting torch.

Employee must be able to operate transport and material handling equipment specific to the facility.

Employee must be able to perform and remember how to perform multiple tasks from day to day.

Employee must be able to perform the physical requirements listed in that section of this job description.

Employee must look for potential cost savings in the work process, help keep scrap and waste to a minimum and be efficient in use of all supplies.


Quantity Standard

The employee must perform the assigned tasks in a manner in which they meet or exceed the required production level. 

The expected quantity of service tasks performed will vary with the nature of the breakdown, the process being performed, volume and location.


Quality Standard

Maintenance Specialist must inspect or test his/her serviced equipment to be certain it is operating safely and efficiently before allowing it to be used in regular duty.



Ability to communicate effectively in English.


Physical Qualifications:

Ability to stand and move about on concrete 8-12 hours a day.

Ability to see, walk, bend, reach, grasp, stoop, kneel, twist, crawl, carry, climb (including ladders), work overhead, push and pull.

Ability to do heavy lifting (50  pounds) multiple times daily in a 8 to 12 hour shift.

Ability to maneuver large parts and assemblies (up to 180 pounds) by pushing, pulling and flipping them into place.

Ability to work outdoors.

The employer will make reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Work Environment:

Employees must wear all mandated PPE which includes at least protection for the eyes, ears, hands, head, body and feet.