Night Shift Production Supervisor

Company: Butterball, LLC ( Learn More )

General Information
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Job Description

Job Summary

Responsible for supervision of hourly employees in a production department in a poultry processing facility.

Essential Functions, Duties & Responsibilities

  • Supervises and directs work in department to ensure efficient labor utilization by maintaining optimal line speeds, efficient staffing, proficient yields

  • Ensures that product is processed in accordance with all product specifications and USDA standards

  • Prepares work schedules, monitors work times, approves employee time records, and records employee attendance and performance

  • Prepares daily accounting reports related to production

  • Provides direction for training to enhance productivity and professional development

  • Acts as a leader in safety awareness and promotion

  • Identifies equipment problems and schedules repairs with maintenance personnel

  • Enforces company policies and procedures consistently and fairly

  • Other duties as assigned by the department superintendent or his/her designee

  • Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Written and verbal communication skills to facilitate understanding of company-related information in a diverse workforce
  • Proficient working knowledge of common software programs (word processing, spreadsheets, email)
  • Ability to perform mathematical calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) with or without the assistance of a calculator
  • Education & Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent required; bachelor degree in poultry science, animal science, food science or related field preferred

  • At least two (2) years of experience as a supervisor without a bachelor degree

  • English-Spanish or English-Marshallese bilingual preferred

  • Job Requirements