Production Operator

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General Information
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Job Description

Job Description

Purpose of Position:

Production Operator performs work that is required to manufacture shingle products, along with related safety, housekeeping, shut down, cleanup, startup, and maintenance work.

Key Roles:

  • Work safely.  Avoid at-risk behaviors at all times.
  • Using standard procedures and technical training, operate equipment and machinery to manufacture product that meets specifications.
  • Troubleshoot manufacturing problems.
  • Rotate jobs in assigned or selected job area (Process or Packaging).
  • Train other operators when required to increase overall performance of the team.
  • When serving as a trainer and in association with the Team Leader, recommend trainee qualification to the Production Supervisor.
  • Perform machine maintenance tasks as assigned.
  • Primary Accountabilities:

  • Follow safety policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Perform work according to established process and quality standards, procedures, and current best practices.
  • Arrive for assigned shift on time, and relieve operator on the off-going shift as soon as clocked in.
  • Remain at workstation until relieved by the oncoming shift operator.
  • Perform operations associated with the workstation.
  • Perform shut down and cleanup work.
  • Perform start up work.
  • Attend, participate in, and contribute to Production meetings.
  • Make adjustments to machine in operational area and report notable changes to oncoming operator.
  • Train in job skills and pass qualification on at least three tasks on the process or packaging end.
  • While machine is operating, observe the machine and process, troubleshoot machine and process problems, and report any issues to supervision or with a written Maintenance Work Orders.
  • Perform regular and routine cleanup and housekeeping of workstation as outlined by the Housekeeping Checklist for that work station and of other areas as directed by the Supervisor.
  • Perform Emergency Control Plan assignments as required.
  • Meet physical performance levels necessary to perform the task in the process and/or packaging end.
  • Critical Job Demands and Work Conditions:

    Note:   These are the critical demands required for all 6 tasks stations. These indicate the physical performance levels necessary to perform the tasks in the Production Department.

    Scale based on an 8 hour shift: Infrequent - 1 to 5 %, Occasional - 6 to 33 %, Frequent - 34 to 66 %, Constant - 66 to 100 %


    Two person floor to waist and/or horizontal lift of 55 lb. to 85 lb. 50 lb. one person lift. Overhead lifting -Overhead lifting of < 10 lb.  The lifting is in the range of the floor to 62”.  These lifts are performed at an occasional level.  Front carry or one hand carry (dependent on operator preference) -15 lb. or 25 lb.  The distance of the carry varies between 10’ and 30’. Push/Pull - 10 lb. or 20 lb.  The distance moved is < 6’.            

          Shoveling- Occasional. The operators will shovel loose materials into waste bin.

          Positional, mobility, and repetitive motion

  • Lowered work in standing (stoop)-occasional
  • Kneeling- occasional
  • Crouching-occasional
  • Crawling- occasional
  • Stairs-occasional
  • Ladder (vertical)- occasional
  • Standing and Walking-constant
  • Overhead work  - occasional
  • Lowered work in standing (stoop) – occasional
  • Sitting,  Stairs, ladder (vertical)  - occasional

         Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or GED; 1 year of manufacturing experience preferred
  • Basic reading and mathematics skills
  • Must pass drug test, physical and background check
  • Job Requirements