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Job Objective:

The House Supervisor is a Registered Nurse who is responsible for the coordination and evaluation of all phases of patient care. The House Supervisor works with all the units to facilitate the flow of patients in a timely and efficient manner.

Essential Duties:

  1. Must meet all essential duties of a Registered Nurse.
  2. Accountable for patient flow in conjunction/coordination with Admitting and all nursing departments.
  3. Communicates and implements the policies and procedures of the hospital as appropriate.
  4. Works as a facilitator to help identify and solve interdepartmental problems.
  5. Assists with staffing and reallocates staff to shortage areas when the need arises in conjunction with Staffing Office and Department Directors.
  6. Acts as a resource person for hospital staff with particular emphasis on new employees.
  7. Acts as a liaison to hospital staff when patient problems or family/visitor situations arise, and the Unit Director or their designee is unavailable.
  8. Defers specific Unit issues to the appropriate Director when the Director or their designee is in-house.
  9. Acts as both a liaison and facilitator between individual units, Patient Care Coordination and the Physician Advisor to provide information regarding difficult discharges. The emphasis is on information sharing and collaboration between House Supervisor, PCC and the Physician Advisor to identify upon admission those discharges that will require early intervention. The goal is to manage these patients closely so care progresses from admission through discharge with the least amount of delay.

        I.        Supervision of Nursing Care Delivery

             a. Adheres to standards of practice.

             b. Promotes AVH Service Excellence mission and goals.

             c. Reviews charts in ED to ensure physician’s orders are            implemented, admission assessments are completed, and the patient will receive a bed in a timely fashion.

         II.     Communication

            a. Promotes an environment in which the healthcare team canfunction cooperatively.

            b. Communicates effectively intra and inter-departmentally at all levels, including patients, visitors, and physicians.

            c. Responsible for problem-solving and crisis intervention related to physicians, patient, families and staff.

           d. Follows chain of command when needed to ensure patient safety.

          I.       Clinical Duties

           a. Resource for nursing units when patients require a higher level of care. Cares for the unstable patient requiring transfer to a higher level of care.

           b. Assesses patients in various areas of the hospital to ensure proper placement. Responsible for insuring patient needs are being met while awaiting transfer.

          c. Records direct admission data from physician’s office and determines if patient is meeting direct admit criteria.

          d. Completes patient transfers into and out of facility following EMTALA Regulations.

          e. Certified in Mid Line insertion and maintenance (full-time/part-time positions).

          f. Coordinates the ‘pull concept’ for patient placement. Bed Control will notify the HS when beds are ready. The HS will coordinate ‘pulling’ the patients to the assigned room within one hour. The HS, with the involvement of management, will coordinate staff to transfer the patient. At times, the HS may physically need to transfer the patient to the floor.

II.     Emergency Situations 
        a. Responsible for assisting with urgent/emergency procedures on the floors.
        b. Responsible for prioritization of stat radiological procedures and/or stat beds that need to be cleaned.
        c. Responds to and leads all hospital Code Blues.

II.     Emergency Situations (cont’d.)

d. Assists in stabilizing, initiates necessary medication and acts as a resource nurse to the staff for any unstable patient. Communicates with ICU Charge Nurse and Bed Control to facilitate the movement of a Code Blue patient to the appropriate level of care. Provides leadership in prioritizing patient, family, staff and physician needs during a code situation.

e. Communicates with Administrator On Call, ED Charge Nurse, and DHS for implementation of “Crisis Diversion” situations in the Emergency Department.

f.  Prioritizes patient admissions for urgency and acuity according to needs.

g.  Follows and is knowledgeable of Volume Contingency Plan and Protocol.

             I. Meets all education requirements of the Registered Nurse.
            II. Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or equivalent preferred.
           Ill. Attends Preceptor class.

Non-Essential Duties:
Participation in hospital-based committees and/or teams as assigned.
Other duties as assigned. 

Skills and Abilities:
Meets all skills and abilities of a Registered Nurse.
Three years previous experience in hospital administration or training is preferred.
Knowledgeable and competent in EMTALA regulations and Direct Admission Policy.
Maintains Hospital Supervisor specific job competencies including but not limited to: Identified competencies up to Level 4 on the Critical Care Competency Grid.

Required Licensure and/or Certifications:
Meets required licensure and/or certification of the Registered Nurse.
Current ACLS certification
Current PALS certification
Current CPI certification

Working Conditions:
Refer to Registered Nurse job description for working conditions.

A detailed description of the physical requirements of this job is maintained in the Occupational Health Department.


Closing Statement

Looking for an opportunity to work in healthcare the way you always dreamed you could? At Antelope Valley Hospital, our employees are at the heart of what we do best – delivering high quality, patient-centered healthcare.

Antelope Valley Hospital, a 420 bed acute care facility, located just 60 miles north of Los Angeles, the Antelope Valley is one of Southern California’s fasted growing communities. We are a Level II Trauma Center and Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center Accredited. Serving the community for over 50 years, our non-profit hospital has grown to be the preeminent healthcare facility for our district’s nearly 1.2 million residents. 


An Equal Opportunity Employer.

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