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Job Description

Job Description

 The log buyer is responsible for both the purchase and sale of hardwood and softwood logs, in particular quality white oak.  Is responsible for the off-site procurement of logs for the milling operation in Medon, TN.  Required to establish and maintain supplier relationships for the sawmill operation.  Responsible to cruise timber and create bids on timber plots as the Tennessee log buyer.

Priority #1 – Continuous Process Improvement

Role: Team Leader                                                                                                                  

Detailed Role:  Leads the development and execution of efficient purchasing practices, procedures and reporting.  Responsible to develop and improve our quality of purchased logs, customer service, and conversion costs from raw material to sawn stave.  Is responsible to assure that the mill consistently receives a quality product with the goal of reaching zero defect status . 

Priority #2- World class customer service

Role: Team Member

Detailed Role:   Meets and exceeds customer expectations through planning, management, and leadership.  Assures quality products are always ready for our stave making operation.  Responsible to maintain the customer relationship with our key suppliers and customers.

Priority #3- Total Quality Management/TQM

Role: Team Leader

Detailed Role:   Ensure company adherence to quality standards and manufacturing standards.    Seeks out new equipment in stave sawing and drying which improve the quality of the stave and reduce material waste.. Develops subordinates' skills to assure a fully trained work force that understands what "good” is regarding quality. Assures that hourly and salaried employees adhere to all EPA and OSHA regulations.

Priority #4– Safety Program

Role: Team Member

Detailed Role –  Develop a safety culture that engages team members to achieve zero safety incidents.  Develop action plans to eliminate risks and to educate team members on personal safety risks within the operation.  Assure that all OSHA mandated processes are followed by mill employees. Leads the operation to assure that our workers and management are focused on reducing employee recordable accidents.

Priority #5 – KPI Program

Role: Team Member

Detailed Role: Continually explore ways to improve the manufacturing process for scrap reduction  in the stave sawing and drying departments..  Support  KPI measurable goals for manufacturing output, waste, order fill rate and on-time in-full shipments, and reportable OSHA accidents .   Maintain a program for periodic evaluation of performance against company mandated KPI's.

Priority #6– Hiring and Staffing

Role: Team Member

Detailed Role: Responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training a talented work force capable of growing with the company; and leading its success in continually lowering its conversion cost in the milling operation.


Priority #7 – Cost Savings Projects

Role:  Team Leader

Detailed Role:   Lead the stave milling and drying operations to control wood losses and reduce labor cost.   Lead process improvements that deliver manufacturing cost savings while assuring our product quality and customer service are continuously improving.   Support company capital investments to assure a balance between output and current/future demand.  Support company efforts to convert to new software designed to reduce administrative costs and improve inventory management.


 Priority #8 - Culture Development

Role: Team Member

Detailed Role: Direct the stave mill operations in a manner consistent with the culture of the company. Ensure all employees are treated with respect.  Create a team environment where all employees are encouraged to strive to contribute to company goals and personal growth.

Priority #9 – Sazerac Fiscal Year Growth

Role:  Team Member

Detailed Role:  Maintain plant equipment through a preventative maintenance program so that unscheduled interruptions are minimal.  Actively seeks to develop our laborer and manager skills to assure that wood waste is continuously reduced and  stave rework is minimal. Hires and develops promotable employees into leadership roles.


Priority #10 – Clean/Neat Facility

Role:   Team Leader

Detailed Role:  Maintains the stave mill equipment to minimize airborne dust.   Assures that all work areas are cleaned daily.  Manages the stave and log storage areas to assure that they are not an eyesore to neighboring  homes or adjoining highway areas. 



Bachelor's  degree and  10 years or more  of  experience in a wood products industry  - ( or a combination of education and work experience)- Must

5 years or more of supervisory experience  - Must

Working knowledge of MS office products ( Word; Excel, ; and Outlook) - Must

Engineering or related degree – Preferred

History of demonstrated leadership success - Preferred

Strong analytical and problem solving skills- Must

5 years' experience in log procurement - Must
Job Requirements