Operating Room Scrub Technician - Labor and Delivery - Part Time/Nights

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Job Objective:

The Operating Room Scrub Technician must be able to competently assist the surgeon during an operative or other invasive procedure and must ensure the integrity of the sterile field at all times. The scrub tech always functions under the supervision of the registered nurse.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures that the operating room and environment are ready prior to the patient being brought into the room.
  2. Ensures that all necessary instruments, supplies, and equipment are available for the case.
  3. Assures that the surgeon's preference card was consulted and is current; any irregularities will be brought to the attention of the circulating nurse in the room.
  4. Assures that all instruments and equipment are in proper working condition before the case begins.
  5. Validates that the humidity and temperature of the operating room suite are in appropriate range; any irregularities will be brought to the attention of the circulating nurse in the room.
  6. Opens all necessary supplies to begin the procedure using appropriate sterile technique.
  7. Continuously validates the sterility of all products and instrumentation that are put onto the sterile field, both before and during the procedure.
  8. Communicates immediately with the circulating nurse any break in sterility or any irregularity in the sterile package.
  9. Follows the department policy for hand scrub, gowning, gloving and draping prior to surgery.
  10. Sets up the sterile field in the standard manner allowing for visualization of all items during counts.
  11. Performs all counts per department policy.
  12. Assists the surgeon and circulating nurse to appropriately position the patient prior to the start of the procedure.
  13. Assists in draping the patient according to department standards and surgeon's preferences,
  14. Does not hand the surgeon a scalpel or any other instrument to begin the procedure until after the "Time Out" has been completed.
  15. Is responsible for anticipating surgeon's needs during procedure.
  16. Assists the surgeon by passing appropriate instruments during the procedure.
  17. Through observation of the activity on the field, is able to have appropriate instrumentation ready before the surgeon asks for it.
  18. Operates specialized technical equipment safely and efficiently keeping all appropriate parts sterile during the procedure.
  19. Accounts for all needles, sponges, instruments, and all other foreign bodies on-going during the intra-operative phase of the procedure.
  20. Properly handles, identifies, labels and disposes of specimens according to hospital Policy, and assures that right and left tissues are clearly differentiated.
  21. Accepts medication on to the field only after validating the order from the surgeon; visualizing the label; and identifying the name, strength and expiration date of the medication.
  22. Labels all medications and fluids on the field with correct name and strength, when appropriate.
  23. Assists with room turnover activities.
  24. Accounts for all instruments, preparing them for CPD by cleaning off all gross materials and immersing appropriate instruments into a disinfectant/enzymatic solution.
  25. Tags all instruments that have malfunctioned and notifies CPD
  26. Cleans medical equipment per manufacturer's recommendations and returns equipment to the correct storage location.
  27. Properly tags all non-functioning equipment, writing a clear description of the problem on the tag and moving the equipment to the correct location for Bio-med pick-up; communicates this with the circulating nurse.
  28. Returns unused supplies to the proper location,
  29. Stocks supplies and linens as needed in the room,
  30. Assists with cleaning the operating room as needed.

Additional Essential Duties:

  • Continuously works to promote the team concept while providing patient care.
  • Assists with the transport of patients.
  • Maintains patient privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • Assists the registered nurse to deliver quality patient care through the nursing process.
  • Supports the surgical team by updating skills and knowledge of surgical supplies,
  • equipment and protocols through in-services and other educational opportunities.
  • Additional Essential Duties Required for G.I. Technicians

  • Cleans instruments and equipment per manufacturer's recommendation
  • Assists with clerical duties
  • Orders and stocks supplies, linens, and solutions to the appropriate areas
  • Documents temperatures of the medication/food refrigerators as necessary
  • Prepares, tests, changes and documents solutions for high level disinfection
  • Assists in positioning patients for GI procedures
  • Operates specialized equipment safely and efficiently
  • Prepares supplies and equipment for GI procedures
  • Assists in admitting and discharging patients.
  • Non-Essential Duties:

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


    Knowledge and application of surgical asepsis and sterile technique.

    Knowledge of proper instrumentation, supplies and equipment for surgical procedures.



    Demonstrates competency in the use of new technologies relating to equipment and procedures.

    Core Competencies: All AVH employees will effectively demonstrate these behaviors:


    Action Oriented

    Customer Focused


    Effective Communication


    Ethics & Values

    Integrity & Trust

    Education and Experience:


    Completion of a Surgery Technician course is required. Operating Room Technician certification highly desirable.


    One year experience as an Operating Room Scrub Technician in a hospital or surgery center setting is preferred.

    Required Licensure and/or Certifications:

  • Current CPR certification.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • AVH Conduct/Compliance Expectations:

  • Ability to adhere with AVH Leaves of Absence Policy
  • Ability to adhere with AVH Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy
  • Ability to adhere with AVH Recording of Hours Worked Policy
  • Ability to adhere to the department dress code
  • Ability to organize work and establish priorities
  • Ability to expand on own initiative in performance of duties
  • Skill and ability to follow the telephone etiquette/standards
  • Conforms to AVH Standards of Excellence
  • Ability to function effectively under pressure and meet time parameters
  • Ability to communicate effectively while maintaining good working relationships with co­workers, managers and other hospital staff
  • Ability to adhere to the normal standards of courtesy and conduct as defined under the rules of hospitality at AVH
  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality of patient, hospital and department information
  • Ability to adhere to safety rules and regulations
  • Safely and effectively uses all equipment necessary to carry out duties
  • Ability to interpret and function under hospital and department policies and procedures
  • Conforms with required and appropriate Joint Commission requirements
  • Conforms with and supports hospital quality assurance and improvement guidelines
  • Ability to participate effectively in department and hospital staff education
  • Displays a willingness to work as a team player
  • Ability to give and support the highest level of patient/customer satisfaction at all times
  • Supports and adheres to the values and mission statement established by the AVH Board of Directors
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Compliance rules and regulations, complies with duty to report behavior standard, demonstrates understanding of the purpose of the Compliance hotline and importance of seeking guidance from a supervisor when in doubt regarding a possible compliance issue.
  • Key Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:  (Key Physical Requirements)

  • Work under stressful emotional and physical conditions.
  • Required to take night and weekend call shifts in rotation with other Operating Room staff.
  • May be exposed to contaminated instruments that may cause infections, burns, or cuts.
  • May be exposed to wet and/or humid conditions, fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals, risk of electrical shock, and risk of radiation.
  • A detailed description of the physical requirements of this job is maintained in the Employee Health Department.

    Closing Statement

    Looking for an opportunity to work in healthcare the way you always dreamed you could? At Antelope Valley Hospital, our employees are at the heart of what we do best – delivering high quality, patient-centered healthcare.

    Antelope Valley Hospital, a 420 bed acute care facility, located just 60 miles north of Los Angeles, the Antelope Valley is one of Southern California’s fasted growing communities. We are a Level II Trauma Center and Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center Accredited. Serving the community for over 50 years, our non-profit hospital has grown to be the preeminent healthcare facility for our district’s nearly 1.2 million residents. 


    An Equal Opportunity Employer.

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