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General Information
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Job Description

Primary Responsibility

* Responsible for the daily operations of the project, including scheduling and coordination of material, tools, equipment, safety accessories, subcontractors and RG field personnel relative to the specific construction phase, while continually updating the Construction Manager/ Project Manager of progress, issues and problems.
* The Project Superintendent is responsible for implementation of contract documents and achievement of quality, schedule, safety, budget and customer satisfaction requirements. Ensures costs, crew and use of equipment achieves project and company standards.


* Oversee each construction phase of projects from $1M - $8M; communicate daily and weekly via phone and written report with the Construction Manager/ Project Manager in order to keep the manager apprised of progress of project and associated issues or problems that may affect progress. The method and frequency of communication will be coordinated with the Construction Manager/ Project Manager.
* Review contract documents and assists the Project Manager in preparing the construction schedule. Prepare three-week look-ahead schedule weekly for distribution to the Project Manager, subcontractors and suppliers.
* Prepare a long lead items log.
* Update Subcontractors start and finish dates log.
* Adhere to company's purchasing procedures while ordering or receiving any needed material and equipment within delegated authority.
* Obtain project temporary trailer, utilities, access roads, storage facilities, fencing and other needed jobsite facilities.
* Identify key areas and stake property accordingly. Conduct or schedule field engineering.
* Install bulletin boards and post warning signs for site hazards such as gas lines, traffic access. Post emergency numbers, implement safety procedures to achieve OSHA guidelines are followed, enforce company's safety policy, identify security issues and address (such as fences, barricades, lighting, alarms, public access, and watchman) and obtain appropriate signatures from subcontractors and suppliers.
* Coordinate and administer weekly safety meeting with all personnel on site.
* Monitor daily costs, making adjustments as needed. Continually review contract documents for coordination issues prior to delivery of every product to site for installation. Identify items to be submitted as Request for Information to the Architect/Engineer or Owner prior to problem development at the project.
* Contact subcontractors, suppliers and RG field personnel to coordinate mobilization and continued support during respective phase of the project.
* Inspect the project daily for quality, production and safety. Identify items for improvement; implement changes by coordinating with appropriate individuals with respective subcontractor or supplier.
* Review and ensure deliveries/invoices are timely and accurate. Provide direction to Project Engineer on critical path items in order to determine priorities to maintain schedule.
* Communicate with local authorities on local interests as required. No contact with news reporting entities is permitted unless coordinated through CEO.
* Coordinate and administer weekly project meetings with Project Manager, subcontractors, suppliers and RG field personnel.
* Update "as-built" conditions or changes in contract documents and coordinate with subcontractors, suppliers and RG field personnel for implementation. A minimum of a weekly update is required.
* Maintain and update production and safety logs. Monitor and schedule maintenance of equipment
and tools with Material, Equipment and Tools Coordinator and Safety Manager.
* Ensure all certificates and final inspections have been obtained prior to project close out.
* Create punch list for subcontractors, suppliers and RG personnel for completion prior to Substantial Completion. After Substantial Completion, review, identify pertinent subcontractors and verify completion of Architect's punch list timely. Test alarm systems, return keys to owner and ensure mechanical systems are tested prior to close out.
* Coordinate with Project Manager to provide direction to Project Engineer for development of Closeout
Documents ("As-builts") for the project.
* Carry out any other assigned tasks given by the Project Manager.
* Monitor staffing needs, evaluate performance, and address employee relation issues as warranted for field staff.


* Previous experience as a Superintendent required. (5-10 years preferred)
* Possess strong verbal and written communication skills with all levels of employees, management and outside parties such as owners, Architects, Engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and coworkers. Previous experience in speaking to small groups, a plus.
* Demonstrated ability to lead and supervise employees.
* Proven successful project history (Quality, Schedule, Safety, Actual Cost vs. Estimated Cost)
* Flexible, well organized, detail oriented and multi-tasked.
* Working knowledge of computers, a plus.
* Willing to relocate to project site.
* Available to work flexible hours, average of 50+ hours per week, standard or as needed. Arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to scheduled start and leave thirty (30) minutes after completion of all trades. Standard hours provided in Employee Handbook.
* Some positions warrant eligibility for a monthly auto allowance. When an employee is deemed eligible, the use of the vehicle must be for the employer's convenience; the use of the vehicle must be required as a condition of employment; vehicle must qualify as an acceptable vehicle defined by Company depending on the employee's function within the organization.


* Operate projects ranging in size from $1M - $8M.
* Dependability in meeting attendance guidelines and taking responsibility for actions.
* Takes independent actions and calculated risks while asking for help when needed.
* Exhibits appropriate level of job knowledge based on years of relative work experience and uses resources effectively.
* Make timely decisions using sound and accurate judgment while keeping appropriate people informed in the decision process.
* Work well in group problem solving situations.
* Identify problems, gather and analyze information skillfully and make appropriate recommendations.
* Communicate effectively and professionally both verbally and in written documents.
* Prioritize and organize work activities while utilizing efficient time management skills in meeting deadlines and staying on schedule with projects.
* Meet established goals while demonstrating accuracy and thoroughness to ensure quality of work.
* Effectively manage the field staff through ensuring appropriate staffing, providing formal and informal evaluations/feedback, addressing employee issues when warranted and providing appropriate training and mentoring.

Physical Requirements

* Ability to work outdoors in extreme conditions such as cold, heat and humidity on a regular, daily basis.
* Lift, push and pull up to 50 lbs when necessary.
* Ability to use either control mechanisms or direct physical activity to operate machines or processes. Must be able to run, maneuver, navigate or drive vehicles or mechanized equipment on a regular, daily basis.
* Able to use hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning and moving materials and manipulate items when needed.
* Visual and auditory skills required.
* Standing, climbing, bending and stooping are required on a regular, daily basis.
* Must be able to handle rapidly changing priorities to accomplish project goals.

Job Requirements