Quality Control Technician

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Job Description

Job Description


To assure the integrity, purity, and quality of all products and records during the receiving, storage, manufacturing, processing, packaging, holding, and shipping. Mon - Fri, 8a - 5p.


1. Inspect equipment or materials to identify the cause of errors or other problems or defects.

2. Maintain current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and ensure compliance.

3. Perform specific tasks efficiently and accurately as requested by the Quality Control Manager before, during and after production.


Computer & Paperwork:

  • Perform label inventory control.

  • Verify correct labels and bring them to production lines (maintain label log books).

  • Generate new RMER, PCERs, and LERs as required.

  • Review of raw materials specifications with the Quality Control Chemist to build new Raw Materials Examination Reports (RMER).

  • Electronic scanning and computer organization of LER, PCER, & RMER paperwork.

  • Manual filing of printed LERs, PCER, and RMER paperwork.

  • Number new equipment and maintain equipment log books.

  • Raw Material Quarantine/Sampling and Raw Material Release:

  • Check, sample, ID test, and release raw material packaging components, and product labels.

  • Monitor warehouse "Receiving Log” for receipt of new material and components.

  • Assure RMER specifications match CofAs received.

  • Ensure that all samples are tested in accordance with written procedures.

  • Collect samples, log samples, and deliver samples for shipment to the lab.

  • Measure, verify and record specs for packing material on the correct PCER for a given client.

  • Place release tag over quarantine tag.

  • Production Line Start-Up:

  • Verify cleanliness of all rooms and equipment before the start of the manufacturing process.

  • At line start up for new batches, verify correct package components, labels, and batch record documentation.

  • Determine line fill weight range.

  • Perform taste tests to release product; bulk density, viscosity, and pH measurements on manufactured products.

  • Record pre-packaging test results values on production bath record. Log and file test data.

  • Complete daily production rounds. Periodically check lines throughout production runs.

  • Inspect rooms, machines and other equipment after cleaning, verify log book is filled out and then signed-off that the cleaning is acceptable.

  • Inspect equipment, materials, and product to identify the cause of errors, problems, or defects.

  • Notify Quality Control Manager of deviations from specifications, machine malfunctions, or need for equipment repair.

  • Initiate change control reports and label control.

  • Product Inspection & Release:

  • Check completed partial shipment paperwork for batch records; return them to the main folder for that batch.

  • Open a representative amount of completed product on each pallet, inspect for quality and correctness.

  • Mark and quarantine product/containers identified as defects or lacking a quality standard.

  • QC stamp finished product cases as inspected.

  • Make determination to ship or deem a lot rejected for re-work.

  • Review completed batch records.

  • Job Requirements