Infection Control Nurse

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General Information
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Job Description
  • Carry out Infection Control Nurse duties:
  • Environmental Safety and Infection Control Chairperson
  • Coordinate surveillance of infection control functions in the facility
  • Detect and record nosocomial infections
  • Report any suspected infections to the physician
  • Calculate and monitor infection control rates in the facility
  • Review environmental cleanliness
  • Acquire knowledge/skills and demonstrate continued competency in infection control
  • Develop and revise forms needed to collect data related to the infection control program
  • Prepare monthly Environmental Safety and Infection Control Reports to present to the Environmental Safety and Infection Control Committee
  • Prepare quarterly Environmental Safety and Infection Control Reports to present to the Medical Executive Committee
  • Coordinate employee Flu program in adherence to Joint Commission guidelines.
  • Coordinate resident Flu program.
  • Coordinate hand washing compliance program for employees.
  • Coordinate TB certification for nurses.
  • Provide staff development inservice training for basic first aid, seizure disorder, proper lifting techniques, infection control and pain management, flu awareness.
  • Provide care and/or conduct patient/resident interactions in a manner appropriate for the age, culture, and population being served.
  • Ensure Millcreek’s immunization program is adhered to according to the Mississippi State Department of Health recommendations and company policy.
  • Schedule and attend psychiatric staffing for the ICF/MR ensuring all residents on psychotropic medications are staffed according to their individual needs, and the Mississippi State Board of Health regulations.
  • Follows all safety policies and adheres to all workers’ compensation program guidelines.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Job Requirements