Environmental Control Coordinator

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General Information
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Job Description

Purpose/Key Objectives of the Job

To oversee, all satellite and 90 day waste collection sites throughout manufacturing site, to keep material stored and prepared for disposal using selected hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal partner, approved and audited by HSE.    This role will also assist in managing the collection and discard of all corrugate, spent pails, drums, cans, batteries, electronics and other recyclable material.   Will prepare all waste loads making sure labels are present, the containers are sealed, clean and ready for transport.   Pump all liquids to the waste storage tanks, and load bulk waste tankers.  Perform daily inspections of waste and satellite areas.  Complete daily and weekly inspections of regulated waste areas.  Inspect and test eyewash stations and safety showers according to schedule


•         Using safe work practices inspect, maintain and keep in orderly condition all solid and liquid waste at all satellite and 90 day accumulation points throughout the site.  Inspect and test eyewash stations and safety showers.

•         Manage and oversee all corrugated and solid waste discarding to prevent unsightly and unsafe accumulation.  Maintain orderliness, housekeeping related to said tasks 

•         Prep all loads and material handle where necessary using approved material handling equipment to be ready for collection.  Insure all labels are in place, containers are properly dated, stored in accordance to EPA rules and all manifests are filled out and handled in accordance w/ RCRA and DOT regulations, etc.

•         Other work related with waste collection, management, opportunities to minimize and housekeeping associated with these tasks and duties.

•         Comply with all HSE policies.

•         Filter and fill containers (2 oz bottles to 350 gallon totes) as required from the information on a batch ticket, as directed by a supervisor, or by the Standard Operating Procedure.

•         Set up the necessary filtering/filling equipment per SOP.

•         Follow Quality Control instructions for cleanliness checks and sampling.

•         Collect appropriate containers to fill batch, checking all containers for cleanliness.

•         Label appropriate containers as required from information on batch ticket.

Complete the required paperwork (filling checklist, move slip, equipment check list, fill tickets, etc.)

Job Requirements

Job Requirements

•         High school graduate or equivalent

•         Must be capable of wearing a respirator and passing a written and hands-on fork truck test and be able to handle moving materials that weigh up to 55 lbs.

•         Basic math skills required

•         Capable of successfully completing courses for RCRA, DOT and OSHA

•         Familiar with handling flammable liquids

•         Legible handwriting skills

•         Exceptional organizational skills, able to work in selfdirected manner, where it is understood work tasks and daily routines will be clearly defined and checked against periodically throughout the day

•         Job requires employee to walk or stand frequently throughout the day

•         Must be able to do work on an as needed basis; overtime in many cases will not be recognized until the day of the event, as it relates to loading waste trucks which may come in later than anticipated  

•         Must be able to follow written instructions and SOP’s