Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)

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General Information
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Job Description MissionThe SQ Engineer performs quality assurance activities of purchased items to projects and product maintenance with the objective to receive parts according to the agreed specification.Work in accordance with Group Trucks Technology(GTT) Processes, Quality systems, the Volvo Way and the GTT values and behaviorsManages quality data in Volvo IT systems including certificates, APQP, PPAP, LPS, SEM, Index, SMA, etc.Performs all quality assurance activities in accordance with documented GTT guideline, instructions.Manages portfolio of suppliers as assigned by Supplier Quality Group manager. Responsible for the quality of parts shipped by that supplier to any Volvo location. Aftermarket SQE are responsible for Part Distribution Centers and remanufacturing locations.Achieve the purchasing objectives for portfolio in accordance with Purchasing Strategic Objectives and with the customer’s needs. Target fulfillment will be tracked in the Personal Business Plan (PBP). Responsibilities 
  • The SQ engineer is responsible for safeguarding those suppliers performing APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) for selected purchased part.
  • The SQ engineer manages the APQP Tracking Process according to Volvo Purchasing procedure.
  • The SQ engineer performs the activities with the purpose to quality assure purchased items to projects and product maintenance in order to minimize supplier related quality failures at Volvo plant or end-customers.
  • Contribute in assuring quality objectives are known to suppliers
  • Inform and educate the suppliers in the Volvo Quality Purchasing demands (GDP, APQP unique customer requirement, RTS, GTT customer specific requirements on PPAP )
  • Review and identify suppliers’ manufacturing risks and improvements potentials. Assure actions are taken to close identified gaps
  • Perform Process Audit at suppliers and drive supplier to close the gaps
  • Responsible to keep all part quality information accurate and updated in GPS. Accountable for GPS to be updated with “Plan PPAP-Y week” within the defined due time after released sample order; doing utmost to keep all dates in the system updated.  And when dates are moved, responsible to communicate to project team and in GPS notes with reasons.
  • Review APQP and PPAP deliverables
  • Review critical characteristics 1 to 3, documentation, requirements and procedures at supplier
  • Approve/Reject PPAP submitted by Volvo suppliers.
  • Participate in Part Handling Review as stated in GPI (not applicable for aftermarket SQE)
  • Initiate and follow up preventive quality action programs when needed and follow up on corrective actions
  • Lead LPS (Low Performing process) activities for suppliers with poor performance as determined by the LPS process and maintain appropriate documentation (not applicable for aftermarket SQE)
  • Drive and follow continuous improvement at suppliers by closing the gaps identified by Volvo Technology and supplier evaluation specialist during SEM or Index audit. Aftermarket SQE will be required to conduct SEM
  • Participate in SIPD (Supplier Involvement Product Development) activities for the chosen suppliers (not applicable for aftermarket SQE
  • Aftermarket SQE lead RTS when determined necessary by project
  • Contribute to resolving packaging instruction issues and engineering documentation
  • Contribute in solving supplier related warranty, Quality Journal, Quality Action Group issues when needed
  • In addition:
  • SEM lead auditor SQE may be asked to lead Supplier evaluation according to the SEM (Supplier Evaluation Model) and issue sourcing recommendation to sourcing committee
  • Senior SQE may be asked to act as Index auditors
  • Senior SQE may be asked to mentor new SQE
  • Senior SQE may be asked to act as a trainer in specific quality areas
  • SQA Team Leader, will be asked to train, mentor, coach and direct others on a day to day basis
  • SQA Team Leader – For assigned SQE’s, review deliverables above for each and be fully responsible to ensure objectives are met. Team Leader is acting as front person for deliveries by the team
  • Authorities
  • Approve use of parts without full PPAP approval if they are according to specification but production process (PPAP T) isn’t fully secured/finalized. For other deviations ensure decision from Product Design in Protus system.
  • Approve or reject PPAP submitted by external suppliers
  • Approve or reject supplier’s actions regarding Inspection Reports unless handled by SQI (VPT plants)
  • Monitor and evaluate continual improvement activities at suppliers manufacturing plants
  • Propose suppliers to be entered into LPS, put on business hold or phased out per the LPS escalation process
  • Perform and approve/reject audit performance results, such as Process audits, Pre-Launch Control Plan audits etc.
  • Stop supplier production and deliveries to Volvo group plants
  • For SQE Team Leader, for assigned SQE’s:
  • Approve pre- travel requests
  • Review/approve trip reports
  • Review/approve PBP for assigned SQE’s after review with first Manager
  • Competence
  • Preferred Bachelor Engineering degree, or >5 years of technical experience needed (extensive experience and strong performance can substitute for lack of diploma)
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and synthesizing skills. Uses structured approach with good analytical skills and logical thinking
  • Strong continuous improvement skills
  • Good English communication skills, both orally and in writing, plus local language
  • Good general technical knowledge
  • Good knowledge of automotive quality standards and tools as ISO/TS 16949
  • Strong networking abilities
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Preventive mindset but also leadership when it comes to solve problems or to take decision
  • Ability to create networks and to lead cross functional activities within multi-cultural teams
  • Excellent communication, diplomacy and strong project management skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Reports to (roles)
  • Reports directly to Supplier Quality Assurance Group Manager
  • Job Requirements