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General Information
US-CA-Mountain View
2 Year Degree
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Job Description

Job Description:

As part of building a strong catalog of developers across all service levels for the platform's apps and games, identifying and cultivating high potential developers, big players/brands and driving adoption of quality-improving products is paramount to ecosystem success. We need experienced Business Development Consultants to help provide a higher quality partnership, working with our BDMs, and with our most important partners while nurturing the big partners that are not ready yet for a closer partnership but play an important role for the platform. The core role is defined as Portfolio Operations and Ecosystem Account Management. Portfolio Ops is focused on handling technical and business issues stemming from the very top partners in the world. Ecosystem Account Management is providing scalable business development management and support for a set of highly important partners to the ecosystem.

Support account management thru issue resolution, merchandising efforts, and new leads vetting

Issue resolution

  • Provide insights on how to better solve partners issues on a timely manner.

  • Support Business Development Managers (BDMs) with requests that require a driven person who can conduct independent research on technical issues or connect the right team internally to find resolution.

  • Spend time reading our technical documentation to make sure the appropriate and most effective solution is provided to our developers.

  • Some experience programming/dealing with technical concepts highly preferred

  • Account Management

  • Service ecosystem developers - using canned response CRs crafted by internal team members

  • Engage devs in dialogue (via group alias) regarding top priorities and opportunities

  • Analyze developer pain points for strategic initiatives implementation

  • Provide entry levels of technical support for cutting down implementation time

  • Identify & surface common issues found within user reviews during major new releases

  • Help organize & prioritize new & updated app & game pipelines

  • Update and maintain canned responses with recent information and ensure links within other tools are updated

  • Tracking of deliverables and Impact

    Tracking basic tags and flagging developers when action is taken on the developer (eg graduated, off boarded, featured, App Reviewed, etc)

  • Tracking impact on quality and performance (installs & revenue) and attributing it back to the outreach actions

  • Tracking volumes of aforementioned daily and weekly activities

  • Desired Skills:

  • Strong communicator

  • Some experience programming/dealing with technical concepts highly preferred

  • Enjoys structure and being detail oriented

  • Lives by: "to be early is to be on-time"

  • Creating their own processes and building upon current processes

  • Language proficiency in: English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic and German

  • Experience programming/dealing with technical concepts highly preferred

  • Customer service experience working with business and technically minded professionals

  • Account management experience

  • Experience troubleshooting and independently solving technical issues

  • Job Requirements