Amarillo, TX - Vehicle Service Technician - Part Time

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Job Description

Amarillo, TX - Vehicle Service Technician - Part Time

Job Title:  Vehicle Service Technician   Location:  Amarillo, TX    Reports To:  Supervisor  Department:  Operations  Company:  AMR-S

Summary:  Responsible for the cleaning and stocking of vehicles and maintaining supplies/materials.  Will assist in general maintenance and upkeep of buildings.  Will function as a driver as needed.  Note:  Is not responsible for routine cleaning and stocking of units during the shift.  This should be done by the units’ crew.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

A.           Stocks vehicles in preparation for on-coming crews.

B.           Performs terminal cleaning and restocking of units from off-going crews.

C.           Performs inventory on expendable medical and janitorial supplies; stocks as necessary.

D.           Assists in relaying units for maintenance.

E.           Relays equipment to appropriate destination for repairs.

F.            Performs routine checks and preparation of bio-medical equipment and performs minor troubleshooting procedures.

G.           Performs laundry duties.

H.           Cleans and performs upkeep at the main station.

I.              Assists with maintenance and upkeep of substations and grounds.

J.            May perform as an EMS Driver on the ambulance or wheelchair van as necessary.

K.           Performs routine maintenance of generators, stretchers and other equipment as directed.

L.            Makes routine checks of vehicles, equipment, building and systems, and completes reports/forms as required.

M.           Responsible for precepting new employees and observers as directed.

N.           The senior Service Technician on duty may function as the Service Technician Shift Leader if necessary.  The Logistics Manager/Support Services Supervisor will delineate duties of the Shift Leader.

O.           Other duties as assigned.

We are an EOE/AA employer and AMR selects the best individual for the job based on job related qualifications, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, age, veteran status, ancestry, marital status, or disability.


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