Speech Pathologist

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General Information
Graduate Degree
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Job Description

This position is responsible for screening, testing, evaluating, diagnosing and treating disorders of speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, and swallowing for pediatrics through geriatrics. In addition, there is also responsibility for consulting, educating and training patients and their caregivers.  Clinical fellowships are welcome.

Essential Duties

•   Performs patient evaluations and administers treatment for speech language and swallowing disorders.

•   Designs and revises plans of care and goals.

•   Provides written and/or verbal reports to physicians.

•   Completes documentation according to unit standards and regulatory requirements.

•   Participates in in-service education programs.

•   Provides instruction, direction and supervision to new employees.

•   Keeps abreast of current trends and developments in speech and swallowing disorders

•   Participates in related activities such as patient care committees, case conferences, personnel orientations, community education projects and in-service education.

•   Attends staff meetings.

•   Demonstrates flexibility to meet unit and hospital needs.

•   Demonstrates interest in personal and professional growth.

•   Performs other job related duties as assigned by the Director, Outpatient Services.



  Making Communities Healthier


  We want to create places that:

•   People choose to come for Healthcare

•   Physicians want to practice

•   Employees want to work


  Exhibits a positive attitude by:

•   Treating everyone with the dignity that they deserve

•   Welcoming customers in a friendly manner

•   Apologizing for problems and inconveniences

•   Avoiding the sharing of personal problems and frustrations with others

•   Find out the immediate needs of the customer and asking if there is anything else you can do


  Exhibits good communication skills when:

•   Answering the telephone

•   Providing information

•   Listening

•   Smiling, making appropriate eye contact, and giving undivided attention to customers

Public Etiquette

  Exhibits good public etiquette by:

•   Introducing yourself when meeting a patient or customer for the first time

•   Smiling and making appropriate eye contact with people

•   Offering assistance to patients and visitors

•   Calling patients by name

•   Communicating in a polite manner using “please” and “thank you”

Personal Appearance

  Personal appearance is professional by:

•   Dress is professional, clean and in good taste

•   Wearing identification badge appropriately at all times

•   Dress is in accordance with hospital and department dress code

Confidentiality and Privacy

  Respects privacy and maintains confidentiality by:

•   Knocking before entering a patient’s room

•   Providing proper fitting gowns and modestly covering patients

•   Closing curtains/doors/window blinds during examinations, procedures, consultations

•   Allowing a patient privacy if you are not directly involved in care being rendered

•   Following HIPAA regulations

•   Sharing protected health information and confidential information on a need to know basis only

Customer Service

  Respects the customers’ time by:

•   Acknowledging patients immediately when they come into your area

•   Explaining the reasons for any delays and keeping the customer apprised of the situation

•   Training patients on the operation of their bed, television, controls, and telephone

•   Answering patient call lights promptly with care, courtesy, and respect

Personal Responsibility and Accountability

  Exhibits a sense of ownership and accountability by:

•   Conducting yourself professionally

•   Responding in a timely, accurate manner to assignments and requests

•   Maintaining fiscal responsibility by utilizing resources wisely, taking care of equipment, and preventing lost charges

•   Solving problems, meeting needs, and determining what can I do to make a positive difference

•   Adapting to changes in a positive, professional manner

•   Attends staff meeting and complete all mandatory training on time

•   Does not incur unapproved overtime, arrives on time and leaves on time and has few unscheduled absences

Commitment to Each Other

  Supports a healthy work environment by:

•   Not spreading gossip or talking about other team members

•   Addressing conflicts quickly and appropriately

•   Not holding a grudge or acting out against other employees

•   Working interdepartmentally through communication, cooperation, understanding and trust


  Acts with integrity by:

•   Completing an honest hour of work for each hours of pay

•   Refraining from criticizing others

•   Upholding the standards of our Code of Conduct

•   Doing you part to make this a great hospital

Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements

•   Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology from an accredited program (degree will be verified).

•   Current state of Utah Speech Pathologist license.

•   Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers.

•   Basic computer skills (word processing and email).

•   Hearing/listening, manual dexterity, seeing, sitting, speaking, squatting/kneeling, standing, and walking.