Ergonomic Consultant - ATC (Rutland, VT)

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General Information
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Job Description

Basic Summary of Position:

The individual will be involved with the overall evaluation of the clients’ employees and tasks. In this evaluation, the individual will evaluates the physical condition, advice and treat these employees at any of the on-site injury intervention programs. May also provide ergonomic assessments and services. Individual will be expected to travel, possibly out of state, with client representatives during storm support. At this time the AT/CEIS will be expected to organize and set-up the remote site, serve as the primary liaison for the employer representative, and make independent decisions regarding service delivery time, location and type of service.

Essential Functions:

1. The ability to make independent decisions when confronted with new treatment regions/conditions.

a. AT will be traveling outside of home state and will be required to seek and establish new referrals contact points, create and follow new lines of communication with affiliate providers

b. AT must be flexible and creative during storm emergency coverage to ensure proper response . Conditions may require the AT to be creative in mechanisms for delivering care, with AT seeking our available venues utilizing independent judgment and discretion.

c. Deliver traditional Athletic Trainer related services that extend beyond First Aid as identified by OSHA and as approved by the client site, including delivering services via modalities for non-work related conditions.

2. The ability to prescribe routine and corrective stretches for reducing and preventing injuries. .

3. The ability to render first aid to injured employees such as giving artificial respiration, cleaning and bandaging wounds, applying heat and cold to promote healing and advising on safer mechanism of job performance.

4. The ability to request assistance of on-site employee health services or a physician as necessary to assist employee.

5. The ability to wrap ankles, fingers, or wrists of employees in synthetic skin, protecting gauze, and adhesive tape to support muscles and ligaments.

6. The ability to treat chronic minor reports of discomfort and related functional limitations to maintain employee performance.

7. Spending time “on the floor” interacting with and engaging employees, providing job coaching. Must be fully capable of extended walking, climbing both in protected work environments and outdoors.

8. Be available to travel as requested by client, making arrangements and independently managing work time/schedule to ensure proper coverage as needed by client.

9. Assists in identifying the nature and hazards and location of workplace ergonomic hazards and implementation of measures to reduce or eliminate such problems.

10. Independently develops and coordinates the delivery of ergonomic and safety classes

11. Conducts, collects and documents on-site data for following official reporting. Analyze data and correlate to site specific safety based data. Independently communicates findings with site contact and set forth plan in response to any site specific issues needing attention.

12. Performs ergonomic job hazard analysis of work stations with identified risk factors including job process, work station and work method and follow up to evaluate effectiveness of change.

13. Provide on-going evaluations of work environments and provide recommendations for safety changes to the site supervisor in the workplace.

14. Independently prepares ergonomic evaluation reports that contains the analysis of the work area with improvement recommendations.

15. Provides tracking/trending and analysis of workplace ergonomic issues to provide recommendations to mitigate workplace injuries and illnesses and maintains associated database.

16. The ability to maintain friendly, cordial relations with all clients and employees

17. The ability to maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that result in a positive work relationship with customers, co-workers and managers.

18. Provide education and training in proper lifting techniques and body mechanics, as well as other health and wellness related topics.

19. Maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information and records.

20. Ability to adhere to the Core Values of the Company.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


• ATC’s - Successful completion of four academic years of pre-professional and professional study in a specialized curriculum accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, certified by the Board of Certification of the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification.


Certifications Required:

2 year experience in Athletic Training

• Appropriate state licensure, certification or registration (per state requirements),current, and in good standing


• CEIS Certification Skills and Abilities:

• Action oriented;

• Approachability;

• Career ambition;

• Comfort around higher management;

• Compassion;

• Composure;

• Conflict management;

• Creativity;

• Integrity and trust;

• Priority setting;

• Problem solving;

• Time management;

• Timely decision making;

• Microsoft Office

• The ability to organize and manage multiple priorities;

• Strong customer orientation;

• Excellent interpersonal and communication (both oral and written) skills;

• Excellent presentation skills;

• Strong team player; and

• Commitment to company values.


Job Requirements